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The fifth edition in Native Instruments' TRAKTOR Series, the KONTROL S5 is a portable 4-deck professional DJ controller that is built and ready for Stems, NI's multi-channel audio format for creative-style DJing. El software TRKATOR PRO S4 que se incluye, ofrece una completa selección de funcionalidades derivadas de TRAKTOR PRO, además de gran cantidad de nuevas y potentes herramientas y un interface gráfico optimizado para el controlador, lo que ofrece usabilidad superior en cualquier situación. The Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer is for the DJ who wants the future of mixing right now.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S5's deck types also switch intelligently to match the track, Stem file, or Remix Set being loaded into the included TRAKTOR PRO 2 software. And the screens are really everything, because they mean you can use the S5 without looking at your laptop. With software and DJ systems that support Stem files, such as Traktor Kontrol S5, you can grab the drums from one Stem, snag the bass line from another, and put them together seamlessly in real time.

In finder, über Anwendung auf der linken Seite befindet klicken und von dort wählen Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 v2.6.8 MacOSX-Anwendung. Or even better go for a traktor-cratch certefied mixer (DJM850 or Traktor Z2 and some others) - an have your audio 6 as a backup-system or to use in a club with their mixer. A Shift key allows access to certain secondary functions, making up for the slightly smaller number of physical controls on the S5.

So, without much fanfare, NI last week gave us the S5. It's roughly the size of the S4 - the two-wheel controller that was once flagship of the Traktor line. If the above was not enough the Kontrol S5 comes with the renowned Traktor Pro 2 DJ software where there is primary control over the dj midi controllers dynamic new Stem Decks. Access the power of TRAKTOR's Remix Decks directly from the S5. Trigger sounds with the performance pads and see it all in Remix View on the high-res displays.

Both can do the same thing, but go about it in completely different ways, and both offer their own creative avenues that the other isn't so good at. The S4 and S5 both run on Traktor and both start with 'S', but they're on different planets altogether. I did it before I got turned on to the world of DVS and ultimately moved to using a controller or just CDJs on Traktor. Today's DJ needs more than just deck control, that's why the S5 features 16 color-coded pads perfect for triggering samples, cue points, and slices. Native Instruments have developed this technology but have cleverly made it available to everyone.

But right now, we're giving the best performances we can on the best tools available to us. The more great controllers like the S5 that hit the market, the less demand there will be for DJs who can only play one song after the other, and the more venues will be okay with us bringing our laptops, and the less the older generation of DJs will sneer at you.

The release of the Stems audio format a few months ago saw a leap forward in digital DJing, as Native Instruments introduced the ability to control four separate tracks of a song (vocals, melody, bass and drums generally speaking) with the advent of a Traktor controller. Adapted from the hardware display version for TRAKTOR KONTROL S8, S5, and D2, the in-app Stem View provides a clear, color-coded overview of a track's four Stems - granting all TRAKTOR DJs in-depth, multi-track control over a Stem track's elements.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 will be available for $799 / 799 € / ¥ 99,800 / £579 / $AU 1094 at the NI Online Shop and at local retailers on October 1, 2015. Especially if you've never actually mixed more than two decks at a time, the Kontrol S5 could really open your eyes to how fun and effective it can be. TRAKTOR PRO 2 contains a wealth of software features designed for ultimate flexibility and intuitive pro performance. TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 is the definitive hardware for controlling the powerful Remix Decks in Traktor Pro 2 (not included). I think I tried to use it with traktor once... It was kind of like trying fat chicks.

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